How to Calculate Gas Mileage

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The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA as it’s more commonly known, gives out gas mileage ratings to new vehicles sold in Aurora. There’s a lot of math that influences these ratings, but as the disclaimers note, actual mileage may vary. If you’re looking for a simple gas mileage calculator, Max Madsen's Aurora Mitsubishi has this guide on how to calculate gas mileage ready for you. And if you’re looking for service, you should schedule service with the team at Max Madsen's Aurora Mitsubishi to get back to the Naperville roads where you belong.

What is Good Gas Mileage?

There isn’t a set standard for what a “good” gas mileage is. If you’re looking for an SUV, you’ll probably find a gas mileage that’s lower than a compact car. The same is true if you’re comparing a gasoline-powered vehicle to an equivalent gas-electric hybrid; the latter will almost always have better fuel economy.

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, it’s paramount to consider fuel economy, as this factors into the total cost of ownership. Your next step is to research a new vehicle or used vehicle on our lot that offers you the gas mileage you’re looking for.

Gas Mileage Calculator

It’s easy to learn how to calculate gas mileage in your vehicle. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Fill up your gas tank fully in Downers Grove, then reset your trip odometer or record the exact mileage after you fill it up. Don’t forget to look up how much gas your tank holds! You can find this in your owner’s manual.
  2. Drive your car in line with what you do normally. Note that if you accelerate or drive differently, your “typical” calculated gas mileage won’t be the same as what you record.
  3. Fill your tank up again and record your mileage. If you wait longer, you’ll have a more accurate calculation because there’s more driving data to work with.
  4. The easiest way to calculate your gas mileage is to divide how many miles you drive by the number of gallons you just filled up with. In sum, that’s miles driven divided by gallons of gas used.
  5. If you forget to check how many gallons you filled up with, you can check where your tank was when you refilled (¼, ½, or ¾), then divide out your total tank capacity to get the number of gallons refilled. Then, divide the miles driven by that approximation. We have to tell you that this method of gas mileage calculator isn’t always accurate because your gas gauge isn’t always accurate. With a digital gas gauge that shows you exactly how much gas is in the tank, accomplishing this is easier than with an analog gauge.

Discover More Gas Mileage Facts in Aurora

Now that you know how to calculate gas mileage and have gotten a handy gas mileage calculator, Max Madsen's Aurora Mitsubishi is ready to address all your other service questions near Bolingbrook. Contact our service team today to get in touch with an expert who can help you, or check out our service tips to become a more informed driver. In either case, you’ve got the expertise of our Aurora dealership backing you up!

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