At Max Madsen's Aurora Mitsubishi, we are always looking to increase our inventory. If you are considering selling your car, bring it to our Aurora dealership! We will pay top dollar for your vehicle. If you do sell us your car, there is no obligation to use it as a trade-in or purchase your next vehicle from us. There are many benefits to selling a car to a dealership. Saving time and having an easy experience are two of them!

Save Time!

When you walk into our dealership, everything will get streamlined so you can get a quote and the money for your vehicle quickly. Consider the fact that you won't have to spend days or even months trying to sell your used vehicle to a private party. Instead, you can come to our dealership and get paperwork and everything done right away so that you can go straight to the bank. We also have a no-obligation promise, meaning that you don't have to trade in your vehicle or purchase a vehicle at a later date to sell your vehicle to our dealership.

Pay Off Your Loan

Working with a dealership rather than a private party is great for situations such as a current loan on your used vehicle. For example, if you want to sell your used car to us, we can help you pay off your loan and get the remaining cash into your hands right away.

No Marketing

Selling your vehicle to our dealership means you don't have to worry about putting up for sale signs or marketing it online to get somebody to buy it. Instead, you walk right into the dealership and get the cash you need for your car.

Cash Right Away

One of the best things about selling your used vehicle to a dealership like ours is that you can walk out of the dealership the same day with the check. You don't have to worry about waiting or haggling with somebody who is a private buyer.

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