Easy Winterization Tips To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Safe Winter Travels

At Max Madsen's Aurora Mitsubishi, we want Aurora, IL drivers to stay safe at all times. During the months of winter, we recognize that locals are guaranteed to face a number of weather-related challenges that can compromise their safety if their autos are ill-prepared. With these three winterization tips, however, motorists can enjoy better traction and control, increased visibility, faster response times, and better overall safety.

Change Out Your Wiper Blades

Squeaky, under-performing wiper blades can make it difficult to see in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions around Naperville. Have your wiper blades inspected to ensure that they're still in good condition? If these components are split, cracked, bent, or showing other signs of wear, have them replaced to ensure optimum performance. Oswego, IL locals should also verify that their wiper fluid is full. This way, dirt and other debris can be quickly and efficiently washed away to ensure optimum visibility.

Check Your Tires

Having high-quality tires that are in excellent condition is never more important than in winter. Properly balanced tires that have a good tread can prevent skidding, hydroplaning, and many other issues that commonly occur on slick, icy roads. Verify the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle and refill any tires that are under-filled.

If you intend to cover a lot of icy or snowy terrain this winter around Joliet, think about investing in snow chains or all-weather tires. Autumn and early winter are the perfect times to have your tires rotated, balanced, pressurized, and upgraded or replaced as needed.

Take A Look At Your Battery

Temperature extremes can have a negative impact on the performance of your vehicle's battery, especially if the connections are already corroded or insecure. If you've had the same battery for quite some time, have it tested and consider replacing it. You also want to keep a set of jumper cables and other emergency tools on hand so that if the unexpected ever occurs, you'll be well-prepared for troubleshooting the underlying problem.

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